Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 


It’s time to gain greater clarity and take steps in your desired direction today.

Welcome To Soul Pursuit, Your Ticket To Discovering Your Fullest Potential.

Imagine living life more mindfully, truly connected to yourself, others and the entire world around you.

At Soul Pursuit, we combine physical and mental well being into our packages, to create a powerful, all-encompassing experience for women seeking a more holistic approach to life. If your mind, body and spirit are calling to you for change, only you can make that happen.

Let’s Work Together To Move Through What's Holding You Back From The Most Empowered Version Of You.

As a certified yoga teacher and professional coach, I have found amazing healing power in the art of mind-body-spirit connection. I’m here to coach you up to and through the change you desire, helping you find peace of mind and stability as you grow.

Yoga as a stand alone, coaching as a stand alone, and the two combined are offered in my services, which you can review here.

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Meet Jennifer

Hi I’m Jennifer! An explorer of the heart and soul, I am eager to learn your story and discover what inspires you. There are a variety of ways to reconnect you to your vision and your art, to align you to your soul’s purpose. Together let’s rediscover who you are and align you on your path to greatness.





Focus Group

Strategy session: Getting to know one another
One-on-one packages: Book coaching sessions on your schedule. (4-6 sessions)


Focus groups on self-discovery topics and team building.


Private lessons.

Practice with me. 

Coaching and Yoga may be packaged together, as well.


Take an extended getaway to renew and reconnect, while charting a path forward.   
Day long, Weekend, or longer trips will be offered either within US or abroad.


I partner with you and utilize a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire and motivate you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

This specialized process provides you with customized tools to align you to your purpose and support you your path, now and in the future.


YOU are uniquely YOU. A product of your past experiences and interests, naturally creative and resourceful. Together we will identify solutions and strategies unique to you and who you are, and craft an achievable implementation plan for lasting impactful results.


My process is individualized and customized to meet your needs. Along the way, you will learn more about yourself, tune into your strengths, and discover  not only what is possible but how to get there. 


Together we will make adjustments, remove roadblocks, and chart your path to making your dreams reality.


Stay tuned for upcoming retreats.



Contact me to schedule a complimentary
30-minute coaching session.

During this time, you may ask any questions about the process. And if you choose, I will coach you briefly on any topic you are moved to bring up, so that we can both discern if my coaching is compatible with your needs.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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