Why a yoga retreat is just what you need

An opportunity to step out of the day-to-day grind and focus on you allows you to hit the reset button, get clear, and lay the foundation for change.

Now, where to begin?

Do your research and think about where you want to travel. Is it close to home or far away? It is filled with sunshine and beaches or mountains and cozy fireplaces? I’ve been to so many fantastic locations for retreats like Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Bali and even places in the states like Montana, all offering their own beauty.

Saltwater and salt air, not to mention being away from the city lights offers such a sense of calm and peace. Being outside in nature, walking barefoot, watching the sunset, and listening to the ocean. It all sounds simple, but it’s things most of us don’t get to experience every day.

Think about what kind of yoga you like, ask your local studio about upcoming retreats or dig deeper online and find a retreat that calls to you.

See what the program offers. Is it just yoga or is there an element of introspection and growth?

Find one that suits YOUR desires and book it. Step out of your norm and into something special.

If you’re interested in coming to a retreat with me, let’s chat.

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