Reconnect to Self

It’s easy to get overwhelmed due to our busy lives. It may seem like commitments to everyone, but yourself monopolize your life. We allow this to happen too long and all of sudden we feel completely disconnected from who we are.

There are simple ways to reconnect to self, many we can do in as little as a few minutes. Here are three to try today:

1.     Unplug.

Step back from the technology in your life. Leave your phone at home when you take a walk, don’t binge watch Netflix shows – read a book, turn off the computer and write on pen and paper. Take an electronic detox for as long as you can. The results are amazing.

2.     Get centered.

This is as simple as getting still and noticing your breath. Try meditation, clearing your mind, even if just for 1-2 minutes. Just like any exercise, this takes time to master. Don’t be discouraged if your thoughts are still running wild. Try every day and retrain your brain to find that calm. Just breathing deeply will make you instantly feel better.  

3.     Move your body.  

Just move. Do yoga, your favorite exercise, go for a jog, it doesn’t matter. Try to do at least 20 minutes of activity. Get your body moving and your energy shifting. Physical activity is the prime way to bring balance in the heart chakra. 

If you need help reconnecting to self and you’re ready for a coach, let’s connect.

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